Introducing Jane Alizor, rising Nollywood Star

Nollywood is the biggest movie industry in Africa and the third in the world, and with lots of talents in the show business, the inputs of some actors and actresses are not yet being recognised.

Jane Kachi Alizor, who officially joined the Nollywood in 2016, is another rising star who has already featured in dozens of movies.

The delectable actresses, an Indigene of Delta State, who was born in Agbor Town on September 6, 1990, is a Bachelor Degree holder in Environmental Science and Resource Management.

Alizor started her journey in the entertainment industry with movies like Third Party, Titus and the Mechanic, Misery, Hustle, The Mud House, Yesterday Came Calling and Aiyetoro Town, a movie directed by popular music producer, JJC Skillz.

Other notable Nollywood films the actress has also featured in include Channel 77, Bushito and Aristo, Call To Bar and Whiskers.

In 2022, Alizor starred in movies such as "Power of Reward", produced and directed by Jesse Ekwerike of Jesse Moviez Production House, "Disgruntlement", a project by EL'S movies Production which is produced by Adesuwa Ogechi Udo and directed Okey Ifeanyi.

Jane Alizor has also participated in a stage play titled "A Play for Domingos" and popular TV series, "My Flatmates".

Check out some Jane Alizor's photos below.

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