Meet Chigozie Chika, 10-year-old boy from Ebonyi state who builds ATM Machine with cartons (VIDEO)

A 10-year-old boy from Ebonyi state has got Nigerians excited after building ATM machine which despenses cash with cartons.

Chigozie Chika, who resides in Abakaliki, the state capital, with his parents, said he got the idea during COVID-19 lockdown last year.

The young talent said the idea came from him watching people withdrawing cash from the Automated Teller Machine.
Apart from cartons, Chigozie said he uses paint, gum, wire, motor roller, superglue, pen, ruler,  and other items which he picks on the road or buy from stores to construct the ATM box.
Chigozie said initially when people see his constructed ATM box they would laugh at him. But later they started appreciating his work and started giving him money.

The young boy said he gets about N1000 from residents in a day, which he hands over to his mother to buy food for the family.

Chigozie said his main challenge is that his ATM box gets spoilt most times because its constructed with cartons and that he doesn't have a convenient place for it yet.
The young boy who also constructs bikes from cartons, said he will like to be an engineer in the future so he can build cars, powerbikes, engine, phones and aeroplane.

After going viral, some Nigerians are calling for GoFundMe campaign to be launched to raise funds for the young talent to acquire professional knowledge.

Watch video below:

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