Married women going into BBNaija should learn from my experience, Tega says

Tega Dominic, a former housemate of the 2021 Big Brother Naija has told married women with the intention of going into the reality TV show to learn from her.

The make-up artist who was evicted last Sunday has been in the eye of the storm following her intimate relationship with Boma Akpore, a fellow housemate.

Their "affair" while in the BBNaija House had attracted so much condemnation from viewers, with many attributing their eviction as a result of the backlash.

Coming out of the show, the TV star the mother of one had consistently maintained that her escapade with Boma was scripted and unreal but her explanation did not sit well with many of the show’s lovers.
She has also apologized and reconciled with her husband, who had earlier said he is bittered about his wife's 'immoral' activities in the Big Brother House.

In a recent interview, Tega said married women aspiring to participate in the reality TV show should learn from her experience.

"If you (married women) want to go for the show, go as far as you can, don’t let anyone say anything to you or pull you down because of what has happened. You can play a different card, it is all a game. You can do whatever you do but learn from me," she said.

The TV star said she's working on how to shield her marriage from the public going forward.

"My spouse and I have always been out there but not really out there. We understand what this is all about and what fame is doing to us, so we’re managing it and we will do it through," she said.

"We can’t because of the fame and limelight forget ourselves and get carried away. So, we are going to start curbing things that go into the public."

Tega also said her husband granting interviews about her activities in the BBNaija show was in bad taste.

"I know him coming out that way for the interviews and all, was because of the pressure and he was vulnerable but aside from that, he understands I’m a great actor and he should be able to understand what it was all about and that is what I meant when I said he’s a bad guy," she said.

"Humanly speaking, I don’t think he should have granted those interviews but it is what it is. The deed has been done."
Tega also believed she and Boma were wrongly judged by viewers of the TV show.

"It is very easy to judge from the outside. Coming out of the house and watching the show, it looked very simple, and I was like I won’t blame anyone for judging us that way because, in the house, the tension and the pressure and the atmosphere is completely different.

"In that house, it was a whole lot, because you have mixed emotions, mixed personalities coming to you and you’re summing everything in and you still have to be in one place. It is easy to judge from the outside," she said.
Tega said they never had the chance to prove to viewers that it was all a script.

"First of all, I owned up to everything that happened and I’m taking responsibility. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone steps further. We talked about it and we said if we survived the Sunday eviction, Monday would be entirely different.

But we didn’t have that chance to show our viewers that this is the game we are trying to play. We had this game card going and what we were going to do on Monday but it never happened," she added.

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