Chika Duru, CEO of Chikk Ltd shares health benefits of her organic green tea products

There are green teas and there are Organic Green Teas.

Unlike the regular green tea, organic green tea benefits your health multiple times because of its natural compounds. 

Research has shown that organic foods contain 60% more antioxidants than the conventional ones. And so is handcrafted teas.

Chika Juliet Duru, the CEO of Chikk Ltd, UK, is sharing the health benefits of her organic green tea and dried tomato products.
The Chikk Green Tea products include Bitter Kola Green Tea, Uda & Uziza Green, Aju Mbaise Green Tea, and Ginger, Garlic & Lemon Green Tea.

Sharing the health benefits, Chika Duru explained that the Bitter Kola Green Tea helps in boosting immunity as it contains high amount of antioxidant, which also helps the body fight bacteria and other illnesses.
It also aid the fight against glaucoma that causes gradual loss of sight.

The bitter kola green tea also combats STDs and enhances sexual drive.
The Uda & Uziza tea, according to Duru, has numerous benefits which include enhancement of fertility in women and boosting of sperm count in men.

It also prevents coughs, constipation and helps in pain relief.

The Aju Mbaise Green Tea also has numerous health benefits. The wonder herbal tea which originated from Mbaise in Imo state helps in fat burning and suitable for women with menstrual irregularities.
The organic tea also helps shrinks fibroid and tumors at early stage, and good for nursing mothers.

The Ginger, Garlic & Lemon Green Tea aid digestion, helps in common cold and flu, and enhances sexual activities.

The tea also helps in combatting diabetes by straightening the insulin.

Other Organic products from Chikk Ltd are Dried Tomatoe which could used for stew, pasta, noodles and soup as it already contains pepper and onion. 
Also, Chikk Fruits, Nuts and Seed Cereal which contains the five-a-day fruits required for the body.

You can contact Chika Duru on phone +447448 380714 or visit for more.

Watch her share the health benefits of Chikk organic products.
Chika Duru is also the founder of London House Concept, a bridal and evening wears boutique in Owerri, Imo state.
Born on June 15, 1977, in a family of 7, Chika Duru hails from Amiyi Akah in Njaba LGA of Imo state.

The entrepreneur is also the CEO of Chikk International Production Ltd, Nigeria, and Y&C property Ltd UK

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