Abba Kyari sells cars he seized from armed robbers, kidnappers – Borno resident alleges

Abba Kyari, the suspended deputy commissioner of police reportedly sells cars he seizes from kidnappers and armed robbers in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital.

The Nigerian acclaimed super cop was suspended on Sunday by the Police Service Commission for his alleged criminal link with Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, Nigerian social media celebrity better known as Hushpuppi, who has been convicted of fraud in the United States.

Kyari was indicted by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in a $1.1 million scam perpetrated by Hushpuppi.

Following the indictment, a US district court in California issued a warrant of arrest on the senior police officer, and Nigerian government have been under pressure to hand him over to US authorities.

According to Farooq Kperogi, a Nigerian academic and media scholar, residents of Borno state claimed Kyari has enriched himself through proceeds of corruption.

The residents said the police officer is not a millionaire but a billionaire, who has more than 20 properties in a posh area in his state, Borno.

Kperogi, who made the disclosure in a post on social media, said the anonymous residents contacted him after his article on Kyari.

The media scholar wrote: “Na wa o. This is what someone from Maiduguri sent to my inbox in response to my column. It is unedited and unverified but interesting nonetheless: 

"Everyone in Maiduguri knew that Kyari is extremely rich, he gives out cars, monies and sells those he seized from the kidnappers and armed robbers at some selected car stands in Maiduguri and Abuja, as at now he's building a big plaza along Gombole Road near Giwa Barracks and bought the neighbouring plaza.

"There's sign post he stood and snapped a picture where street was name after him, that's New GRA or Bama GRA he has more 20 properties there!

"You can independently find out from those who knows him, he has properties to his name in Lagos, Abuja etc, I call him super rich, he surpasses IGP Kamseleem.

"What those kidnappers were saying is very true, I developed interest on what he's doing when I read Evans interview where he said what Abba and his team took from his house was far beyond what they declared....he's not a millionaire but billionaire.

"He moves in convoys when in Maiduguri and brazenly go round his properties.’"
Kperogi also quoted another resident of Borno saying Kyari was building a mansion on Jemina Road of Damboa, with its gate made of glass and steel.

The resident alleged that the police chief offered N70 million to a neighbour who has a house behind his mansion “so he can have his house out of the way to enable him have straight access to the main road from this mansion.”

"Good evening Prof. Just reading your post on the Abba Kyari saga. It didn't come to me as a surprise. Kyari is so super rich for the job he does. He is building a mansion on Jemina road of Damboa, that house is something else. It is the first gigantic double-gated house I'm seeing in Maiduguri, the gate is made of glass and steel.

"He wanted paying (sic) of a neighbour who has a house behind him 70 million naira so he can have his house out of the way to enable him have straight access to the main road from this mansion. And with a couple of people who have told stories implicating him, and them being shut up, it doesn't come as a surprise at all,” Kperogi quoted the Borno resident as saying.

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