Watch video of actor Baba Ijesha confessing he molested a minor

The video of Nollywood actor Baba Ijesha admitting to molesting a 14-year old girl has been released.

TMZNaija had reported how the 43-year-old actor, whose real name is Olarenwaju James, was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting the teenage girl, who is the foster child of actress Damilola Adekoya, popularly known as Comedian Princess

Baba Ijesha was arrested after the actress alerted the police.

In the now-viral video, the disgraced actor is seen pleading and admitting to his heinous crime.

Princess is heard in the video expressing her disappointment, while also questioning the actor.

''After all I did for you?, a distraught Princess asks the actor.

The actor, who had been obviously beaten up is sitting on the floor and begging Princess for forgiveness.

"It is the work of the devil," he said at some point.

This video is coming out barely 24 hours after Princess narrated how she caught Baba Ijesha in the act.

In an Instagram video the actress bared lurid details of the incident and how the actor was apprehended.

According to her, the teenager was among six children, three boys and girls, put in her care some years ago after she had some challenges in her marriage which resulted in the death of her own baby.

She explained that the parents of the children had done that out of compassion so she would not feel lonely.

Princess said while taking care of the children, Baba Ijesha had approached her for help as he was also battling some difficulties at the time.

She said he had visited her house at a point to seek for help and in the process defiled the girl who was seven-year-old at the time.

The comedienne said she was not aware of the development when it happened but noticed something was wrong with the girl as she started performing poorly in school.

She explained that about seven years later, the girl eventually revealed what transpired after several pleas.

Princess said she thereafter invited Baba Ijesha to her house to confront him with what the girl told her by pretending that she needed his service for a movie.

The entertainer said she had installed closed circuit camera television (CCTV) in the house and upon his arrival, she had pretended to be going out thereby leaving him and the 14-year-old girl alone.

Princess said she had invited the police after the actor allegedly attempted to molest the girl again. 

She said when she confronted him, he allegedly confessed to committing the act while blaming it on the “devil”.

“After seven years, the girl told me and someone else what Baba Ijesha did to her after she saw him in a movie. I called him for a meeting in the house where I set up a CCTV camera where he was captured trying to molest the girl again,” she said.

“I left the house and told him to relax I’ll be back soon, immediately I left he searched my house to see if anyone was in aside the girl and later proceeded to defile her.

“I can’t even disclose the things he did while I was monitoring on my phone but immediately I saw her stand up to the kitchen where there was no camera I and the police entered the house and arrested him.”

Princess enjoined parents whose wards have also been allegedly molested by the actor to open up.

She also tackled those demanding the release of the footage of the incident as evidence, questioning the rationality behind such.

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