NBA says it may sanction CCT chairman over assault on security guard

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) says it will investigate the circumstances surrounding the recent assault allegation levelled against Danladi Umar, chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT).

Umar was caught on video as he stepped out of his car at Banex Plaza, Wuse 2, Abuja, and hit a security guard who had told him his vehicle was parked in the wrong space.

In his defence, CCT spokesperson, Ibraheem Al-Hassan, said the security man was rude and could not provide a reasonable explanation why Umar should not park in the said space.

In addition, the spokesperson said the guard threatened Umar.

Reacting to the incident, the NBA in a statement signed by Rapulu Nduka, the association’s spokesperson, said as a member of the legal profession, Umar ought to maintain high professional conduct.

“The NBA frowns at any display of naked power by a public officer especially one who, by virtue of his high office, is expected to exhibit a high standard of conduct,” the statement reads.

“The situation is all the more critical when it involves the head of an agency of government set up to ensure compliance, by public officers, with the code of conduct.

“Further, as a member of the legal profession, Danladi Yakubu Umar Esq. is expected, by the extant rules that regulate the conduct of legal practitioners in Nigeria, to maintain a high standard of professional conduct, and not to engage in any conduct which is unbecoming of a member of the legal profession.

“Prima facie evidence available at the moment raise questions regarding whether such standards have been met.

“In view of the foregoing, the NBA shall through its relevant committee, investigate the circumstances leading to the altercation, and depending on its findings, will ensure that appropriate action is taken to address this occurrence.”

Meanwhile, Ibraheem Al-Hassan says he was “under intense pressure” when he wrote the statement defending Danladi Umar over the assault case against him.

In an interview with ICIR, he was quoted as saying it was Umar, the chairman of the CCT, who asked him to use “Biafran boys” in the statement.

The official statement issued by Al-Hassan to exonerate his principal was also littered with grammatical blunders and ethnic slurs.

Grammatical errors such as “video cliff” instead of “video clip”;  “packing lot” instead of “parking lot”;  “rode” instead of “rude”; “fixe” instead of “fix” littered the statement.

According to the ICIR, Al-Hassan said the CCT was considering disowning the statement because of the controversy it has generated.

“He revealed that his boss instructed him to use ‘Biafran boys’ in the statement … the PRO said he later realised his mistake,” the media house wrote of the interview.

It further quoted the CCT spokesman to have said: “There’s a problem with that statement. In fact, we are about disowning it. We want to retract the content because it was written under intense pressure. I must confess to you, that is why there are many structural imbalances, language structure not being perfect and, again, some of the expressions used. I acted on instruction.

“Now as I am speaking with you, I’m in my ministry. My ministry has summoned me for that statement.  My minister, so to say, through my director. So, I should be given some time to get this problem solved.”

“All the grammatical errors and what have you were not noted. I did not proofread it, I was in the car when I composed it with my android (phone).”

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