Full details of drama between Rita Edochie, Prophet Odumeje & Ada Jesus

Over the weekend, veteran Nollywood actress, Rita Edochie released a video where she said she has forgiven comedienne Ade Jesus for allegedly spreading false allegations against her and Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, a popular Anambra based Pastor known as Odumeje.

The whole story started last year after Ada Jesus had taken to social media to claim that Rita Edochie connives with Odumeje to stage fake miracles.

Edochie had, however, denied the allegations and went on to curse the comedienne for attempting to smear her reputation.

Then months later, Ada Jesus fell ill and was diagnosed with a kidney problem that left her paralysed.

The family of the ailing comedienne had taken her to Odumeje’s church in Onitsha to seek his forgiveness and divine healing.
Ailing Ada Jesus
But in a video, the controversial pastor vowed never to forgive her until she provides evidence to back her claims.

"You people must bring to me the people that I do fake miracle with if not when I'm done with her I'll start with your generation," Odumeje said in the video.

He accused the comedienne of ruining his image with false accusation on social media, saying “nobody speaks against me and go free. I’m not a man that you can joke with.”

Edochie, who was also present at the church, had said she would not forgive the entertainer, while further cursing her.

“If I have ever asked Ada to bring someone for Odumeje for fake miracles, may I never get anything I want on this earth. But if I did not, Ada will never get up from this sickness,” she had said.

"You will go from here. You will die from this so others can learn," Edochie added in Igbo.
But in an Instagram video on Sunday, April 11, 2021, the actress said she has forgiven Ada Jesus after several pleas from her friends and fans.

Rita also said that the entertainer’s predicaments have vindicated her and Odumeje of the allegations. She urged Ada Jesus to ask for forgiveness and healing from God.

“I am happy that the whole world has seen that Ada Jesus framed all sorts of lies and heaped on me. I have been vindicated by Ada’s predicaments. The good Lord has fought my battle for me,” she said.

“As a result of pleadings from my people, particularly my fans, I have forgiven her. Let her beg God for forgiveness and healing.”

The actress said the development should teach the entertainer not to engage in the habit of insulting men of God, especially Odumeje.

“A lot of people called me from different parts of the world asking me to forgive her because l said I’ll not forgive her,” she added.

“I’m here to tell all of you that I have forgiven Ada Jesus from my heart of heart. But I want to sound a note of warning, it’s not for you to judge the man of God. 

"Stop insulting men of God particularly my prophet, Odumeje. I’m comfortable staying with him, leave us alone.”

Stop mocking me because I'm following Odumejeje. Whatever anyone is comfortable with, let them do. I am comfortable staying with him. Look for a good place and stay. Leave us alone."
In the meantime, help may be on the way for Ada Jesus as activist, Harrison Gwamnishu has promised to take her to the best hospital in Lagos.

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