Nigerian lady with male and female organ shares experiences (Photos, videos)

A Nigerian lady identified as Queen Edo, has come out to narrate some of the challenges and her experiences living as an intersex, also known as hermaphrodite.

Queen Edo in interview with Rave TV shared how her relationships with some men ended after they couldn't cope with the fact she has male and female organ.

She said her parents never discovered about intersex nature until she an adult as the second organ emerge during her teenage years.
Queen Edo, who described herself as "a girl with a male organ", said she is only interested in dating men, despite some Nigerian women desiring her type.

She added that she has her period like normal women and can bear a child.

The beauty, who said her male organ is something she can get rid off in the future, said she finally made herself public because she wants to be "free and happy".

On how she move around without people noticing, she said is all about the way she packages herself before she steps out.

Watch her chat below.

Meanwhile, Queen Edo has been proudly flaunting herself on Instagram, posting videos and pictures making her male organ visible.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Queen,

I dont know if you are aware that there are simple surgeries for your condition. Yes, there are. Simply choose what you really think you are biologically and see a plastic surgeon about it. You are going yo have to make this choice someday. Remember, the older you get, the more complicated the surgery will be one.
So, please do not waste more time about it.

I wish you the best.

Unknown said...

First and foremost I love her confidence and its fine Coz everything happens for a reason and this reason is wat she has done now to come out confidently to show others who in the same situation to be confident to themselves, and to the tribe leaders please your old saying are no more to this new generation

Unknown said...

Queen Can I get your email email is [email protected]

Unknown said...

Please let me hear from Queen Edo.I have already sent my email address.Thanks

Unknown said...

I live in US Queen but I would love to meet you if it is not asking too much I would love to be able to communicate with you by phone messenger ext I would be willing to pay for your passport to come visit me if it's not asking too much please send me your contact information

Anonymous said...

The issue is purely a biological problem. She was supposed to be twins but for some reasons, she was dominant and her twin brother ended up in her. There are many similar cases I have seen.
She needs to remove the weaker part of her body and move on stronger in life. May the Almighty God give you peace of mind and joy in Jesus name.

Unknown said...

You dont have change anything on your body. You are beautiful inside and outside.

Unknown said...

Pls can i get ur contact

Anonymous said...

All of una wey dey ask of her contact, Wetin una wan tell am?

Yndio13 said...

I think that you're absolutely beautiful and I am interested in contacting you or vice versa