Soldiers celebrate after taking over ‘Shekau’s farm’ in Sambisa, dare him to come out (VIDEO)

A video has surfaced online showing Nigerian troops celebrating after taking over a farm said to belong to Abubakar Shekau, leader of the Boko Haram terrorist group.

In the video, the soldiers and members of the civilian joint taskforce (CJTF) were seen firing on air while some men were busy picking up the farm produce.

The soldiers were also taunting the Boko Haram leader, asking him to come out to face them.

“Shekau where are you? See us in Shekau’s farm inside Sambisa,” one of the soldiers is heard saying.

“Shekau king of noise-making where are you? Come out now and see if we will not waste you.

“This is Shekau’s farm inside Sambisa. Villagers take as much of the products as you can after all it is yours.

“Shekau see us in your farm we are going to have our Juma’at prayers on your farm.”
It is not clear when the video was recorded as the army is yet to comment on it.

Shekau has been at large and remains wanted by the authorities.

In December 2020, a captured Boko Haram fighter said the leader of the sect had been wounded and can no longer lead any physical operation.

In the past weeks, the military has recorded successes in its fight against the terror group.

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