Victoria Inyama battles COVID-19 for three weeks

Nigerian actress, Victoria Inyama, has revealed that she is been battling Coronavirus disease for three weeks.

In a video posted on her Instagram on Sunday, the actress, who presently resides in the UK, said she is still hospitalized.

In the post, the movie star can be seen plugged onto a ventilator with a drip line running through her arm.

She however expressed gratitude that she was the one infected with the virus and not her children.

“I couldn’t have been more careful with the kids going to school etc. I would rather go through this than my children. What a Christmas and New Year. What a 2021! COVID is a terrible terrible virus. l cannot even explain, so exhausting, three weeks and still counting,” the actress wrote.

In a picture that accompanied the post, which appeared to be the COVID-19 test result from a UK hospital, the mother of three was asked to self-isolate and stay at home until January 6.

“Account ID 1b7bdb00. You have tested positive for COVID-19, so you must stay at home and self-isolate until the 6th of January (including this date). If you still have a fever until the 6th, you should continue,” the text read.

Born in Enugu, Inyama began acting in 1990. She later married Godwin Okri and relocated to the UK.

Some of the movies for which she is known are ‘Silent Night’, ‘Danger Zone’, ‘Odum’, and ‘Love from Above’. Other Nollywood films she has also starred in are ‘Iyanga’, ‘Eze Nwanyi’, Glamour Boys’ as well as ‘Barraccuda’.

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