Former church pastor now makes $100K a month as stripper

Nikole Mitchell, who was once a pastor in Ohio, USA, is now making a living in the sex industry.

The mother of three ditched her pastoral job three years ago and moved to California where she turned to a stripper.

Mitchell, who now describes herself as a “Pastor-turned-Stripper/Life Coach/ Model” on her Instagram page, charges $15 a month for a sexy subscription on her OnlyFans account and for Zoom sessions.

She now makes $100,000 a month, eclipsing her former salary as a pastor, according to the Sun.
Mitchell speaking in her local church as a pastor
In a recent post on Instagram that featured her raunchy photos, Mitchell wrote, "Making more money in a month than I used to make in a year. Meeting the most amazing humans.

"Having the most powerful support in my corner. Going to Hawaii! And having producers and bookers reach out to me."

‘My sexuality is sacred’: Bisexual pastor-turned-stripper has never been happier.

This while “in a pandemic, going through a divorce, and having 3 kiddos at home.”
Mitchell is said to have become disillusioned with Christianity after mentions of her mixed-race heritage and bisexuality were edited out of sermons leading her to quit her church in 2017.

“I didn’t get where I am today by playing small, holding back, or keeping my dreams to myself,” she wrote. “I put myself out there, I shared my dreams with my inner circle (even when I was embarrassed at how big they were/are!) and invested in support. THAT’S how I got where I am today.”
In subsequent posts featuring more raunchy images, Mitchell exhorts her fans to follow their dreams – and contact her for one on one sessions via direct messaging.

She wrote on post, "You don't owe anyone your old self. You're allowed to reinvent yourself as many times as you need.

"This is your life. Do with it what YOU want, not what others expect you to do with it.

"It will feel weird at first trying to embody someone that is different from what people are used to, but if that is the TRUER VERSION of you, then go for it.

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