Nigerians react as Google Search shows Agbani Darego as ugliest Miss World

Nigerians might be divided when it comes to issues of politics, religion, tribe, but nothing unites citizens of the most populous black nation than misrepresenting one of their own. Social media.

Former Miss World, Agbani Darego has been a trending topic for the past 24 hours.

In 2001, Darego made history as the first black woman to win the Miss World pageant and since then has been the darling of the nation and the entire black community.

But Nigerians got a rude shock after it was discovered that Google props up the Rivers state native when you type "Who is the ugliest Miss World"

The sad development was first noticed by a Twitter user with the handle, Growth Queen.

She said: “I find it interesting that the results to “Who is the most beautiful Miss World” on Google shows links to various rankings. But “Who is the ugliest Miss world” gives you Agbani Darego’s profile, full stop.”

Then Twitter exploded with many Nigerians expressing their displeasure to the development. 

A Twitter User, Williams Chidera, in pure sarcasm, wrote: “I wouldn’t blame google because there’s an algorithm that does this sorting, just as it is when you search for idiot and check images. But the websites that said Agbani Darego is ugly you won’t be unfortunate I can’t lie.”

Another User, Ranky queried that “How on earth Will anybody say Priyanka Chopra is more beutiful than Agbani Darego? Do I have issues with my eyes??"

Check out some other tweets.

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