#EndSARS protesters float online radio

The EndSARS movement have been taken to another level with some group launching an online radio.

The protest against police brutality, extortion and bad governance, dubbed #EndSARS, has been ongoing across Nigeria and in many cities around the world for almost two weeks.

The online radio station dubbed “Soro Soke FM” now have songs that align with the objectives of the movement being played.

Soro Soke is a Yoruba term which means speak up.

Meanwhile, several Nigerians have taken to social media platforms, especially Twitter to react to the launch of the online radio.

While some commended the initiative, others kicked against it, questioning the name.

“How many million Nigerians know the meaning of Soro Soke? Must we regionalize everything in this country? This is the same thing that brought us here in the first place. I’m tired of this country,” a Twitter user wrote.

“We’re making sense and passing a serious message to the ruling class,” another user wrote.

Here are the things some people have said so far:

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