Chiti Foods introduces Pasta Noodles with Mushroom.. that's very proteinous & and low in calorie

Chitola Farms, the producers of ChiTi Foods in Nigeria has introduced a new product that is good for health conscious people.

The food processing company, which launched the very healthy Chiti Tiger-Nut Flour in 2019, recently unveiled Pasta Noodle with Mushroom.

One of the major causes of high diabetes in Nigeria is sugar which carbohydrates are the main culprits also couples with low protein intake in the country.

A lot of Nigerians are malnutrited without knowing it, as malnutrition is basically not getting the required minerals and nutrition and needs and one of critical is protein.

 To fill in the void and vacuum created by protein deficiency, Chitola Farms introduced the pasta with mushrooms, that's very high in protein.

Speaking to the media recently, Chi Tola, the founder of Chitola Farms, producers of ChiTi Foods, said "we realized the importance of protein in first especially for kids and you know that in Nigeria, we eat more of carbohydrates whereby we expose ourselves to diabetes at an early stage. 

"What we intend to achieve with our products is high protein intake because you know that mushrooms are very high in protein and good protein unlike beef that one has to battle with calories.

”Selecting the best mushroom is a process that only the experts can do, why do we say this, we have poisonous mushrooms and we have edible ones also. We have carefully selected the best mushrooms in our farm which we raised organically and packaged for your enjoyment. 

"You don’t need to worry about the hygiene, we are known to be bringing foods that are in line with international best practices.“

With great packaging and ready made market, Chi Tola has started talking with channel distributors that would ensure that the mushroom pasta gets to the final consumers and can be found in shelves of malls and store across Nigeria.

Lovers of mushroom have described the product as very nutritious and good for the body metabolism.

Dr. Soyinka, the former commissioner for health, Ogun state and the son of Wole Soyinka said, “Having tasted the mushroom pasta, I would recommend it to homes because of the balance of nutrition and the value of nutrients in mushroom. It is a welcomed development and should be encouraged “

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