Kiddwaya: No BBNaija housemate is up to my level, people are threatened of me

Terseer Kiddwaya, evicted housemate of the ongoing Big Brother Naija TV show, says none of his colleagues in the ‘Lockdown’ house is up to his level.

Kiddwaya, a son of billionaire businessman and politician, Terry Waya, was evicted on Sunday alongside Prince.

In an interview with BeatFM, Kiddwaya said he was having a conversation with Ozo about his relationship with Nengi and “I think he was looking at the man he wants to be. I mean no disrespect.”

“I don’t fear anybody, man. I knew no one in the house was up to my level,” the ex-housemate bragged, prompting Osi Suave, the show’s host, to shout “shot fired!”

“The guy (Ozo) loves her. And you know people do dumb things for love. People love in different ways. Obviously the way he shows his love is how you guys see it on TV. I mean, I respect that. I have no issue with it but that’s Ozo for you,” the reality star added.

In another interview with BBNaija host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Kiddwaya clarified his relationship with Erica, his female acquaintance in the ‘Lockdown’ house for whom viewers think he has feelings.

On whether he nursed resentment towards Laycon for being the subject of the strike that got Erica disqualified, Kiddwaya said he has no issue with the singer.

“I really respect the girl. I kind of want her in my life whether as a friend or anything else. She’s a lovely human being and I enjoyed my time with her. That was genuine,” he said.

“At a point, I told her at a point that, ‘Look, If you want, me, you and Laycon  could sit and talk about whatever issues you guys have.’ My name gets called up with Nengi, Ozo, and Laycon.

“People are threatened of me. And I have no idea why. I had no issues with Laycon and I had no issues with Erica being friends with him. I had no problem her finding him mentally attractive.

“The guy is smart. He’s got a good brain and he’s a funny guy. I had no issue with Laycon from day one. So I couldn’t create an issue with him.”

“I want Laycon to win and I think he’ll win. At the start, I thought Neo will win. It became Laycon for me when I actually heard his music for the first time,” he said.

“When he played I just saw people jumping around him, I wasn’t paying attention. But I told the DJ to turn it up so I could hear better.

“I saw a lot of potential in this boy. And I thought that music really uplifts people. I thought that, with him winning, he will do more with that win than some other people.”

Kiddwaya also spoke on claims that he had a girlfriend before going to the reality show.

He denied that he was in a relationship with a lady in viral videos and pictures.

Pictures and videos of a fair lady wishing him the best after his eviction had gone viral on Monday with some claims that she was Kiddwaya’s girlfriend.

Report claimed that he had a girlfriend outside the house, hence the reason he refused to define his relationship with Erica.

But, Kiddwaya said although he has spoken to Erica, they intend to take things slow.

“That lady is not my girlfriend, she is just my friend. I am not one to do something like that.

"I don’t have a girlfriend. That was a peck and nothing more.

"I have spoken to Erica, she is doing well, and we have decided to take things slowly.

"I really respect her and want her to do well in everything."

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