Boma Akpore: My love for the craft has kept me going

Boma Akpore, a Nigerian born entertainer, currently based in New York, United States, say his love for the craft has kept him going.

The actor and commercial model has taken the entertainment industry by storm and has won numerous awards and accolades.

From winning the Best Body Imperial Universe award in 2016, Akpore has also worked for brands such as Dior and Gucci, walking the runway during New York Fashion Week, to SNL appearances and a feature in Janet Jackson's “Made for Now” video.

He also recently made history after joining the cast of Hollywood’s first all-Black Egyptian film, “Protector of The Gods”.
In a recent interview, Boma, who disclosed that he started his career as a model, said him getting into acting was not something that he planned for.

"I started out my career modeling and went on to represent Nigeria for Mr. imperial Universe 2016, and won Best Body Imperial Universe in 2016 and 2nd runner-up overall," he said.

Boma said he later decided to go into soccer as that was his childhood dream, and went on to play Semi-Pro throughout Europe. But his career in soccer was short-lived after he sustained injury that prevented him from signing pro.

"It was a tough time for me, but I couldn't let that setback stop me. Having achieved so much through modeling," he said.
After injury forced him out of soccer, he returned to NYC where fate pulled him into the movie industry.

"I really just happened upon it. A producer found me at an event, told me she liked my look, and would love to cast me in her upcoming television series," he said.

Shortly after that encounter, Boma said he enrolled in the New York Film Academy to take his career to the next level, and has been acting ever since.

One of his most memorable experience was working alongside James Spader on the primetime show "The Blacklist" where he featured prominently in season 6, episode 16.

Boma has starred in other primetime TV shows including Law & Order, which he said is a major accomplishment to him for being apart of shows with such longevity and loyal audience.
The actor, who recently launched Bonzy Blues Global Partners, an outfit which focus is on TV production and media events, said he is presently working on three films he plans to submit to film festivals in December and next year.

"These are stories that are very near and dear to my heart. This is the next step for me, to start creating work and showing my fans and audience how creative I can be. I’m very excited for what the future brings," he said.

Hard work and professionalism he said has been his strategies that helped him become successful in the industry.

"You must constantly work on your craft, no matter what profession you are in,' Boma said. "But as an actor, read and memorize scripts daily. You want to always be prepared for a role. There are 24 hours in a day, we have to make sure we use them wisely."
Boma who said his love for the craft is what keeps him going when things get tough, advised upcoming actors to be confident in their abilities.

"To become a successful actor is not easy. The road is very bumpy. You must get comfortable with rejection because it will happen," Boma said.

"No one likes it, but it’s part of the game. You must also be confident in your abilities, and that confidence comes from consistent hard work.

"If you know that you put your best foot forward every time, you won’t be as disappointed when you don’t book a job because you’ll know that you’ve done the best you could do, you just weren’t what they were looking for."
While the COVID-19 pandemic has paralyzed many businesses, Boma said the lockdown has been a blessing in disguise for him.

"I have used this free time to take some classes to sharpen my skills, I’ve written some scripts.  I have  just been working on my craft and studying vigorously. I’m sure creatives out there aren’t struggling with how to maximize their time during this pandemic."

Not living up to his fullest potential has been his biggest fears. "With every failure comes a lesson to be appreciated, but when you know you have the potential to achieve so much more, you strive to squeeze out every bit of potential that you possess."

Boma said success to him is making a goal, working diligently toward that goal, and achieving it.

"To some, it means luxury cars and houses, lots of money in their bank account, but it doesn’t mean that for me. Those are things one can’t control, but you can actually control your actions by getting up daily and grinding faithfully until you get results."
His role models are Denzel Washington, Idris Elba, Djimond Hounsou, Omari Hardwick. Boma said he admires strong black leads who have broken barriers and made a name for themselves in this industry.

Boma Akpore, who is originally from Lagos, Nigeria, said he has lived in 20 countries across three  continents and has built strong support for his crafts.

He also very active on social media where he updates fans about his activities. You can find Boma Akpore on Instagram; @bomaakpore, Facebook: Boma Martins Akpore, and website:

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