“Coronavirus is a scam” - Thousands protest against lockdown, face mask in UK, Germany

Thousands of protesters from across the UK gathered in London’s Trafalgar Square on Saturday to protest against coronavirus restrictions.

The protesters describes the COVID-19 pandemic as scam and reject lockdown measures, social distancing, compulsory wearing of masks and mass vaccinations.

Carrying placards railing against the World Health Organization, Bill Gates and the government restrictions to reduce the spread of coronavirus, the demonstrators called for an end to movement restrictions.

The protesters view the lockdown measures as a violation of people’s rights and freedoms.

Pictures of the large crowds show people holding signs that read “coronavirus is a hoax or scam”, “no to mandatory vaccines” and “masks are muzzles”.
The demonstrators denied the reality and severity of the pandemic and accused the government of attempting to curtail civil liberties.

One of the lerders of protest, Piers Corbyn, older brother of the former Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, warned the government not to renew the Coronavirus Act.
“In terms of whether you believe that the virus is a hoax or not, whatever is happening now is less than or equal to a normal flu, so the lockdowns and all that goes with them is unjustifiable in any terms,” he said.

“We are calling for MPs to refuse renewal of the COVID-19 Act, and if they do not, we will campaign to have them removed from office.”
Similar protests were held in Berlin, Germany today, which drew 18,000 coronavirus sceptics before being dispersed by police because they failed to adhere to social distancing rules.

The mass protest against pandemic restrictions in Berlin had been allowed to go ahead after a bitter legal battle.

Earlier this week the city banned the protest but a German regional court overnight gave the final go-ahead by overruling the earlier decision.
The German protesters believe that coronavirus regulations infringe on basic rights and freedoms enshrined in Germany's constitution and wants them to be lifted.

Robert F Kennedy Jr. the anti-vaccination campaigner, also nephew of assassinated US President John F Kennedy, joined the demonstrations in Berlin.

Kennedy told a crowd at the Victory Column that his uncle had famously addressed Berlin in 1963 to counter totalitarianism and that "today Berlin is again the front against totalitarianism", warning of a surveillance state and the power of 5G phone networks.
Photos shared online also showed flags and slogans linked to the conspiracy theory QAnon. The wide-ranging, unfounded conspiracy theory says that US President Donald Trump is waging a secret war against elite Satan-worshipping paedophiles in government, business and the media, among other claims

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