Nollywood actress Toyo Baby recounts her shock at being asked out by a lady

Nollywood actress, Juliana Olayode, popularly known as Toyo Baby, has recounted how a female acquaintance she had met in the course of her work had asked her out.

In a video shared on her Instagram, the film star said she had gone to visit a deluge of fans when a bevy of ladies kept complimenting her features, but a particular woman had accosted her.

“Some said they liked my eye. But one particular lady walked up to me; complimented my eyes, nose, mouth, everything. I thanked her and didn’t suspect a thing as she’s female like me,” she said.

“As I wanted to take my leave, she asked me to give her my digits. That’s how this aunty phoned me later and I was convinced that giving her my number was the worst mistake I had made.

“She talked and I asked her where we were taking this conversation to. She then asked that she and I start dating each other. What? I hung up. I didn’t know that this thing is now rampant here.

“It was like I was drenched in cold water. I was shocked. It was just man-to-woman relations I knew. I had never seen woman-to-woman before. What’s bad is bad.

“I do not condemn anybody. And I do not judge anybody. A lot of people are on the fence on this matter, the truth that I know about this is that God is against it and so am.”

Toyo Baby, who is also an author, is famed for her role in ‘Jenifa’s Diary’, a comedy series by actress Funke Akindele-Bello.

The actress, who is a sexual purity activist, is also a known public critic of sex before marriage among Nigerian youths.

The 25-year-old had earlier narrated how she was sexually assaulted at 17 by her married music teacher, whom, according to her, she eventually lost her virginity to.

Olayode made the revelation in her book titled ‘Rebirth: From Grass to Grace’.

She wrote: “The day finally came. He wanted to move the date because he was expecting some money that he wanted to use to pay for a good hotel, but moving it would mean my mum back from church.

“We went back into the room, and it happened. It was a painful experience for me. I cried at different points and he kept apologising, begging me to keep my voice down lest they think he was raping me. He told me to relax and bear the pain.

“In his words, “do not be a weak woman”. That got at me because I hated feeling or being treated as weak.I asked for a break. He tutored me some more and tried again until he finally got through. It was not anything like he had told me it would be.
“I saw no clouds, I made no sounds, I felt nothing special. It was painful all the way, but it was obvious he was satisfied. When he was done, I checked the bed for blood. I screamed! There was no blood! He told me that not all virgins saw blood.”

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