Ghanaian actress Akuapem Polo who posed nude with her son apologies amid backlash

Ghanaian actress, Rosemond Alade Brown better known as Akuapem Poloo, has apologised for raunchy photo with son.

The actress has been facing backlash on social media platforms after she shared a nude photo where she posed with her son to celebrate his 7th birthday.

But hours after heavy criticism, Akuapem Poloo took down the racy image from her page while explaining that it was originally meant to encourage people to appreciate their mothers.

In a video shared on her Instagram page, she explained that as an artiste, she had used the concept to illustrate her point but many misconstrued her message.

“We all know that I’m an artiste and anything l post on my page is an artistic impression meant to send a message across to people out there,” she said.

“So, the photo I shared on my son’s birthday was  just an artistic impression. I’m not trying to portray porn on my page. l can’t do porn with my son. l even bathe with him always because he’s my son.

“l was trying to send a message to children and grown up parents who don’t regard their parents, especially theirs mothers. Some people who have parents that are mad and naked for instance but won’t bother to cloth or take care of them.

“Therefore, what l was trying to say is that no matter how naked you see your parents, don’t run away from them. Get close to them and cloth them. Nakedness also doesn’t only mean not wearing cloth.

“I’m sorry if anyone was hurt by my post. l want to let everyone know that it wasn’t done out of any bad intention. I’m sorry.”

See video:

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