BBNaija: How the internet reacted to Diane & Elozonam's ship wreck and the Mawuli Gavor connection

The ongoing Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Reunion show has witnessed a lot of drama and reopening of healed wounds.

During the latest episode of the TV show, the main topic was the failed relationship between former housemates, Diane Russet and Elozonam.

During the BBNaija show last year, Diane and Elo were the talk of the internet following their romance that they were known as DiaLo.

But the lovebirds later parted ways and nothing much was heard as for the reason for the ship-wreck.

The reunion has however become a platform to update fans about the lives of and relationships between the housemates one year after.
Elozonam and Diane when the going was good
In the recent episode, the former lovebirds took viewers on a journey on how their friendship hit the rocks.

A lot actually happened after their stay in house as the duo had a lot of damn things to say about each other.

At a point, Elozonam started mentioning the names on Diane’s pyramid of relationship, but there was a certain someone she was trying to avoid, but show host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu just had to let everyone know the full gist.

Ebuka insinuated that Ghanaian popular actor, Mawuli Gavor might be the reason Diane and Elozonam called their relationship quits.

While Diane gave the unabridged version, Elozonam decided to fill viewers in on the bridged version involving ‘MG’.
Elozonam and Diane when they were still an item
Elozonam then detailed how before the BBNaija finale party, he had questioned a suspicious call between Diane and a mysterious MG (believed to be Mawuli Gavor) and she admitted to him that while he was still a part of her life, she was struggling to go clean.

It turned out that cleanliness wasn't top on Diane's priorities as Elozonam dug up more dirt as he revealed invited MG to the party, and according to Elozonam, before MG arrived, Diane wasn’t present, obviously waiting for someone.

When MG arrived, he says hi to Elo, then goes to Diane. At the end of the party, Elozonam was waiting for Diane outside. Diane came outside, made a phone call, then left with MG, a move that shattered his heart.

Video of Diane and Mawuli Gavor at the party.

Elozonam says Diane came to his room after asking to talk. He didn’t want to. He had a friend in his room, and Diane asked who it was. Then she shoved him to see for herself.

Asides a few defensive moves including admitting to being unable to resist MG's manliness, Diane pretty much had nothing to say about the unfaithful night.

She however went on to say that Elozonam isn’t forgiving and he should take a cue from Ike who constantly chose Mercy.

Diane also blamed Elo’s inability to let things go, while he shared how he often felt like the fourth option in their relationship.

 At the end, Diane said she’s done. She wants to move on. She’s upset that Elozonam keeps talking to people about what she tells him in confidence.

See some reactions to DiaLo ship wreck.

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