BBNaija Reunion: Frodd & Esther's failed romance and Kim Oprah & Omashola's nonexistent relationship

The drama and exposé continues in the Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Reunion show currently airing on DSTV.

The Wednesday episode of show focus on the failed romance between Emeka "Frodd" Okoye & Esther Agunbiade, and Kim Oprah & Omashola Aburoh's almost nonexistent relationship.

The show kicked off with Frodd and Esther’s relationship back in the BBNaija house.

Frodd was first queried why and when he fell for Esther and he replied Ebuka that… “She was my first connection because she chose me as her Big brother.

"I discovered she was a reserved person and that turned me on her. So when Nelson left after she first turned me down, I just had to try again with her, and it eventually yielded positive results."

Esther on her part said Frodd grew on her. At first, she wasn’t sure the feelings were real but after they left the house, she started looking at him differently and she got to like him a lot.
Esther and Frodd in BBNaija house
Ebuka then asked why both of them are no longer an item, Esther said she developed cold feet because Frodd didn’t ask her officially to be his girlfriend.

Esther was asked if she asked Frodd what they were doing when he didn’t ask her but she said no. rather she started pulling back.

According to her, “If Frodd wanted me to be his girlfriend, he would have properly asked me out.”

Frodd then said, “I asked you out on the 36th floor of the building we were in Dubai”.

She also affirmed that they did go on a dinner date even while they were in Dubai but she had her reservations because Frodd complained about almost everything.

“I can remember going on a dinner date with him but everything was totally off because we kept on arguing about stuff.

“I had my reservations about a lot of things because he complains about almost everything,” she said.

Frodd however, pointed out times Esther would pull up to events with posh cars which he assumed were from ‘friends in the upper echelon’. She never explained why some certain people at the top were doing some big things for her and that brewed my insecurity.

After he said this, they went into a shouting march.

Esther also revealed that she genuinely liked Frodd while in the house and she wasn’t taking advantage of him as people thought.

“There was a time in the kitchen while at the house that I saw him on glasses, and he looked really cute.

“In my mind, I was like, this guy na fine guy oo. It was then that I realized that I liked him.

“I even like him more outside the house,” she added.

Frodd continued to further explain how much he invested in Esther. He also concluded he moved on after they came back from Rwanda.

Then a clip of Omashola and Kim Oprah, and their loved-up moments in the house were played on the show.
Kim Oprah and Omashola
Omashola said Kim blocked every avenue he tried to have a conversation with her after they had a misunderstanding. Kim voiced out to say she did what she did because Omashola was always “self-centred”.

Omashola added that Kim Oprah is focused on her goals, and he doesn’t want to be guy who bothers or distracts her.

Ebuka asked what they intend to do moving forward, and Omashola in his words said he’s willing to do anything. He said, “I fit to do anything to get her back, I fit even kneel now now say make she no vex.”

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