"He said he was an influencer" - Daddy Freeze hits back at critics of his Hushpuppi documentary

Media personality, Daddy Freeze, has responded to Nigerians criticising him over a documentary he did on Instagram celebrity, Hushpuppi, who was arrested in Dubai for cyber-fraud.

On Thursday, the police authorities in Dubai shared video of how Hushpuppi was busted in a special operation over alleged cyber-fraud involving 1.9 million victims to the tune of N168 billion.

He was arrested on June 10, alongside his associates of 11 other Africans after he was also said to have committed crimes including money laundering, hacking, impersonation, scamming, banking fraud, and identity theft.

Amid the backlash that trailed the case, a video had surfaced and went viral on social media wherein Daddy Freeze can be seen dining with Hushpuppi and his associates in Dubai.

The controversial OAP, however took to his Youtube page to reply critics who had accused him of hanging out with criminals while having a flair for criticising Nigerian pastors.

Freeze said questions about Hushpuppi’s income had caused him to interview the embattled internet personality on a CoolFM programme a year ago.

He said that Hushpuppi had claimed he was an influencer on the two occasions they both met, adding that top luxury brands , including Gucci, Versace, and Elvi, had all sought to host him at the time.

According to the OAP, who said that he doesn’t support fraud and that Hushpuppi never gave him a dime, he wouldn’t have interviewed the now embattled celebrity if there was a case against him at the time.

“My attention has been drawn to stuff said online regarding my relationship with Hushpuppi. I shouldn’t have addressed these but it’s causing a lot of misconceptions and nonsense,” he said.

“How did I meet Hushpuppi? I went to Dubai in December 2017 for an Infinix phone launch. I was in my hotel room and tweeted that I was in Dubai and he reached out to me.

“We hooked up and talked about social media influencing and trolls. We had dinner. Nothing else! I returned to Nigeria and I kept in touch. I was going through lots in the hands of my former friends.

“I told them some things in the Bible that went against their pastors’ teachings. They came against me. I was unfollowed by a huge volume of people. Hushpuppi didn’t discriminate against me.

“…Now, I have to babysit you, show you interviews I’ve done and show you what’s available to you simply because you won’t research and you’re wondering why your pastors are eating off you!

“I do not support fraud or its appearance. So I wouldn’t do a video today showcasing his lifestyle if he had a case in court. As of the time I did that video eight months ago, he had no case!”

Freeze said that he never got to meet Hushpuppi in the midst of hackers or at a crime scene. He added that he would not write him off until the self-acclaimed influencer is adjudged guilty.

“He got calls from Gucci, Versace, and Elvi, all wanting to host him. He said he was an influencer. He didn’t get calls from hackers; there was nothing suspicious while I was there,” Freeze added.

“I didn’t meet him at a crime scene but at the Burberry VIP lounge that was open to exclusive members of the public and his house. I never saw him hang out with criminals.

“If you’re asking for his source of income, go and watch my interview from a year ago! Must we discuss something twice because you’re slow to understand? I didn’t know him to be a criminal.”

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