related Nigerian Air Force officer in viral dance video reportedly arrested

Nigerian Air Force officer in viral dance video reportedly arrested

An officer of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) seen dancing in a viral video has reportedly been arrested.

The NAF officer is seen in the video stepping to the song, "MAD" by Nigerian singer, Sadiq Onifade, better known as WurlD.

The video has been become a social media sensation as it has been shared multiples times on different platforms with many Nigerians praising the unknown military personnel.

The NAF officer, who can not be identified due to his face masks did a good stepping with the song while holding his riffle.

According to social media reports, he was arrested after the video went viral, though TMZNaija can not confirm his arrest. And NAF is yet to react to the reports.

Singer WurlD responded to a tweet alleging that the officer has been arrested and urged Nigerians to start a online campaign for his release.

See tweets:

This comes few days after the Nigeria Immigration Service ordered for five female officers to be reassigned as punishment for participating in a social media challenge.

The proposed punitive posting was later suspended after pressure from Nigerians on social media.

Some Twitter Users are already reacting to the latest development.

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Unknown said...

Why arresting him. Can't one be happy for once in this our difficult world? That guy was dancing away the burden of the world on him. Please let them release and allow him to continue his work. Haba!

Unknown said...

Is it true he was arrested? What is wrong with us? Professionals are humans and should express happiness and sadness, seems we only like melancholy in this part of the world
Even my toddlers enjoy watching him dance
That's how the make our officers stone hearted.