related Nigerian woman who travelled to London to deliver ended up giving birth in an Uber

Nigerian woman who travelled to London to deliver ended up giving birth in an Uber

A pregnant Nigerian woman who vowed she was never giving birth in Nigeria ended up birthing inside a cab inside a cab in the UK.

The interesting story was shared on Twitter by Tito Idakula, the daughter of former Governor of Oyo state, Lateef Ladoja.

Tito said her friend was anxious about giving birth in Nigeria some alleged horror stories about our hospitals.

She tried to get an American visa and then a Canadian visa but was denied both times, before she decided to have her child in the UK, despite knowing that the child will not have citizenship.

All she wanted was a good hospital where her mind will be at rest during delivery. But she never knew that hospital would be inside Uber.

Tito wrote: "Last year a pregnant friend of mine didn’t get an American Visa, so she couldn’t travel to the states to have her baby. She also tried Canada with no luck. She started to panic because there was no way she was going to have her baby in Nigeria.

"She wasn’t high risk or anything. She just didn’t like the idea of birthing a child in this country. She didn’t have peace with the hospitals here and she really just felt her child should be born abroad. And with horror stories we have all heard, no one could blame her.

"She eventually settled for the UK despite the fact the child was not going to have citizenship. It wasn’t about that for her, she just felt more comfortable having her baby in a more developed country and had serious anxiety about the possibility of her baby being born here.

"The baby eventually came, but she wasn’t born in a hospital but in an UBER on the way to the hospital! Yupppp! Baby girl came to this world in an Uber on the way to the hospital. The irony of it all. After all the anxiety and wanting the best hospital, this girl came in an UBER.

Tito, who is currently pregnant for her third child with husband, singer Emmanuel "Bez" Idakula, said she remembered the story while worrying about giving birth during the coronavirus pandemic.

"Being pregnant during covid, I am often reminded of this story. When the anxiety comes, I remember to recommit my child, my self, doctors and hospitals to the hands of God. I remember that God knows the end from the beginning and he knew all this was going to happen.

Tito said she shared the story to teach her followers to "trust God completely" because "God is the only one who can truly protect you and your child on your pregnancy journey."

 "Every time I discuss this with my friend, we burst out laughing! The lesson was learnt. God is the only one who can truly protect you and your child on your pregnancy journey. It sometimes doesn’t matter where your child is born, so long as your child is fine & you are good too.

"So I just trust him COMPLETELY. This child and I are in God’s hands and nothing can snatch us out of his hands.

"Btw, my friend’s baby was PERFECT! Needed no extra medical attention apart from the general check up. The hospital by the way still charged my friend full delivery fee even though they had nothing to do with birthing the child. Lol, she added."

See her tweets below.

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