related Anambra lawmaker Nonso Smart Okafor transforms widows mud houses to modern bungalows (PHOTOS)

Anambra lawmaker Nonso Smart Okafor transforms widows mud houses to modern bungalows (PHOTOS)

Nonso Smart Okafor, lawmaker representing Nnewi-North in Anambra state house of assembly, has transformed the lives of three childless widows in his constituency.

The ageing widows who were living dilapidated mud houses in Okpuno, Nnewichi, now have a well furnished 3-bedroom bungalow, courtesy of the lawmaker.

Taking to his Facebook page, Okafor explained he built the new homes for the poor women with photos of the old and new houses.

"Each time it rains, they suffer severe cold as major parts of the zinc covering the thatched house were leaking, coupled with the fact that some parts of the mud house were already falling, posing a death trap to them as it could collapse at anytime," he said.

"Disturbed by their plight, I visited these women, I was moved to pity when I noticed that the oldest who was in her seventies or eighties was blind and sick. Their dilapidated mud house is not so different from living outside as it was riddled with gaping holes which cannot prevent cold, mosquitoes, or worst-case scenario snake attacks.

"It was heartbreaking that these women in their age who deserve to be tended like babies live in penury in a house that cannot guarantee good sleep.

"In furtherance to my vow to better the welfare of my constituents, I decided to build a modern house for the three (3) widows, a house that will not only give them basic shelter but also a sense of belonging.

"Women of their age live in houses built by their children but since they were unfortunate to have any, I decided to be a son to them. And what sons do for their mother I promised to do for them.

The APGA lawmaker said he started the building project in March and commissioned them on May 22, 2020, handed over for use of these widows.

He added that the 3-bedroom bungalow has a sitting room with a set cushion chairs, side stools and centre table. It also has a flat-screen LED TV and GOtv with one-year full subscription and also a well-decorated curtain.

He said that each of the three rooms is furnished with a wardrobe, bed, mattress, beddings and curtains, with a well equipped kitchen as well.

Smart Okafor reportedly won his constituency election in 2019 after he was insulted by other candidates because his mother sells akara.

The lawmaker himself is said to be from poor background. His father died when they were young and  widowed mother fries and sells akara (bean cakes). With people's help, she managed to train her kids to university level.

During election campaign, one candidate is said to have mouthed that he is so much qualified after all he is the son of a Chief and it would be best suited to represent Nnewi people than his his opponent (Smart Okafor) "bu nwa nwanyi na eghe akara" (son of akara woman), so he is not qualified".

The statement angered Nnewi people and they campaigned for Okafor instead.

During the house of assembly election, people paid money to all akara frying women, provided firewood and ground beans and asked them to keep frying akara.

Akara was declared free of charge in Nnewichi. "Vote for Smart Nonso and eat as much as you want", was the slogan.

See photos below:

The mud houses.

 Construction of the bungalows

 And the completed buildings.
Nonso Smart Okafor
The Three widows
Nonso Smart Okafor being prayed for by the widows

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