Where is Olajumoke? "Nigeria's Cinderella"- The "breadseller turned model"

Even those that are quick to forget wont forget in hurry how a bread seller suddenly became not just a nationwide, but also a worldwide celebrated model back in 2016.

Olajumoke's Cinderella story started after she, while carrying bread on her head, accidentally photobombed a photo shoot session of British rapper, Tinie Tempah, by Nigerian photographer, TY Bello, for This Day magazine.

TY Bello, while editing the shots, found an image of the bread seller and the rapper amongst the photos. The celebrated photographer and singer loved that particular shot and then launched a search for Olajumoke and later found her.
You can't tell Olajumoke's story without this picture.
And within days, Olajumoke was on the cover of Thisday magazine! Then her fairytale rise to fame kicked off in earnest.

Before you know it she started getting jobs as a model after TY Bello and Azuka Ogujiuba, a former senior reporter with THISDAY Style, teamed up quickly to rewrite Olajumoke’s story.
Olajumoke and TY Bello (front row)
More endorsements from big companies started landing on her doorstep despite not being fluent in English Language, and her story was reported in various media platforms, including CNN and BBC.

Lots of Nigerians were inspired by story and had celebrated her accidental fame. Some even used her as a prayer point. God, let my helper locate me just the way TY Bello located Olajumoke.
She also later started her own vlog and also launched her "Olajumoke Wigs" - giving everyone hope that she is about to enter a new chapter. 

She once even caused international controversy after attacking the LGBT community in a Youtube video - by declaring that she's shocked that some people are gay and have the right to marry persons of the same sex.
Seems Olajumoke Wigs didn't fly in the market
But from the look of things, Olajumoke's Cinderella story may not have real Cinderella endings. As she seems to have gone back to pick up the one shoe she lost at midnight...unlike in that Cinderella movie.

Back in early 2019 many media outlets started reporting that the former bread seller isn’t doing as well as she started after that photobomb.

Then the last main news about her was that her relationship with the father of her two children, Sunday Orisaguna, has hit the rocks.
In an interview, Sunday had reviewed that both Olajumoke and her family have refused plans for them to formalise their union after her sudden fame.

Sunday had abandoned his artisan job in Osun and relocated to Lagos after Olujomoke found fame. But later said it was difficult for him to get a job in Lagos because people see him as a celebrity of sort because of his partner's new status.
Sunday and Olajumoke after her sudden fame.
Sunday later accused Olajumoke of disrespecting her after she became a superstar, putting their union into disrepute.

In response, she granted an interview, saying her relationship is intact, and even claimed that she has been responsible for her husband’s needs as well as those their children. She added that her husband no longer works and solely depends on her.

But in April 2019, she somehow confirmed that their union has broken by changing her name from Olajumoke Orisaguna to Olajumoke Chris - after that, two months later, she went off the radar..

Even the last post on her Instagram page, which is managed by her PR team, was back in June 2019.

Just few days ago, media personality, Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi, had simply tweeted: "Where is Olajumoke?" - and no one gave any reasonable answer as to the whereabouts of the Nigeria's Cinderella.
Reports had said that Olajumoke started experiencing the rough side of life after Azuka Ogujiuba parted ways with her as her manager.
But she may just has disappeared to go prepare herself for the next level, as during the hype, she was awarded a scholarship by Sujimoto Group to learn Etiquette, Soft Skills, Social Graces and Communication at Poise Nigeria.

The scholarship was initiated by Sujimoto who wanted to be sure that Olajumoke was equipped for life after the immediate attention dies down.

Lets just keep our fingers crossed and hope that this fairytale story continues with a new chapter.
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