Valentine's Day Colours and what they represent

On Valentine's Day, we see many ladies paint the streets with mostly red and pink, but little do we know that there are different colours for this 'lovers' day that represents your status.

Valentine’s Day is seen as a day of love and affection but the colour of your dress shows your status of relationship with others.

These colours have some kind of idea behind them it is good for you know before stepping out on Friday, Feb. 14, 2020.

For instance, the red colour, which also the traditional colour for Valentine’s Day means that person is in love. Orange colour stands for going to propose someone, while Pink dress has a wonderful code behind it - it means recently accepted proposal.

Blue colour dress code means that love proposals are invited. Green colour gives the idea of waiting for someone cute and beautiful. Yellow means healing from a break up, and ready to mingle and White dress says you're engaged.

Black colour is since thought as a bad. In the same way, black shows the rejected proposal.  Dress code of Grey color means doing my own thing, not interested. Purple color is putting me back out there. While the Brown color is used for the people having broken heart.
  • Red Colour– Already in Love.
  • Green Colour – Waiting.
  • White Colour– Engaged.
  • Orange Colour– Going to propose.
  • Pink Colour– Proposal accepted.
So mind what you wear before you hit the streets today, so you don't send wrong signals to those who can decode your colour.

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