related Ultimate Love housemate Uche quits show after rejecting his pairing partner, Chris

Ultimate Love housemate Uche quits show after rejecting his pairing partner, Chris

Uche, one of the housemates of the ongoing Ultimate Love reality TV show has left the show just after a week.

He had opted to check out voluntarily after the Love Guests were paired as couples on Sunday by the Aunty of the Love Pad.

The housemates (Love Guests) were paired according to the partner they chose. But out of ten pairs, seven pairs were decided voluntarily, while three were decided by chance.

And Uche was among those who got paired by chance and missed being linked with with his closest love guest, Theresa, but with Chris.

The involuntary pairing led to quarreled between Uche and Chris during their first task of nominating two pairs for possible checkout. As Chris was reading the names, Uche could be seen echoing that the nominations were not unanimous.

But the nominations were accepted by the hosts and as both Uche and Chris sat down it was obvious that their union will not last.

When Aunty came into the Love Pad to address the Love Guests, Uche drew her attention, saying that he wants to voluntarily check out. He said, “I want to withdraw, it is not worth it.”

The Love Pad Aunty who looked disappointed told him that he can’t withdraw at this point, noting that it will be next week during the live show. But a poised Uche told her that he wants to leave, maintaining that he knows the rule book.

At that point, Aunty begrudgingly told him that she needs to go back and look at the rule book.

Then on Monday evening, Aunty returned to the Love Pad to announce that she has accepted Uche's decision to check out.

This means Chris is now the only Love Guest with no official partner in the Love Pad.

See the moment Uche checked of the Love Pad.

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