related Ultimate Love: Chris paired with Chris Ville as three couples are nominated for eviction

Ultimate Love: Chris paired with Chris Ville as three couples are nominated for eviction

Chris Adanna, a housemate in the ongoing Ultimate Love reality TV show, has finally been paired with a partner.

She had cried out after Uche, her paired partner voluntarily checked out of the show on Monday after he rejected the pairing.

Chris and Uche were paired last Sunday as couple but he rejected the pairing as she wasn't his choice and departed from the house, leaving Chris with no official partner in the Love Pad.

During her session with Aunty of the house on Wednesday, Chris had said she feels like a grandmother in the house and hopes a partner would be sent to her.

"I’m not depressed, I’m fine, I’m hoping a partner would be sent to me. I feel like a grandmother here. Some couples adopt me and make me feel loved," Chris tells Aunty.

Then on Friday, three new Love Guests, two guys and a lady, (Chris Ville, Chiddy Bankz and Merriton) were introduced into the show.

And on Sunday, Chris was paired with his namesake Chris Ville, while Jerry has moved from Sylvia to Meriton, and Sylvia is now hooked up with Chiddy Bankz.
#DoubleChris - Chris and Chris Ville
#Jeryton - Jerry and Merriton
#Chivia - Chiddy Bankz and Sylvia
Meanwhile, three couples have been nominated for possible eviction this coming week.

The nominated couples are #Chivia - Sylvia & Chiddy Bankz, #Jeriton - Jerry & Merriton, and #PreshDavid - Presh Talker & David Wilson.
Ultimate Love reality show follows the journey of single men and women living together in the Love Pad in their quest to find life-long love and build a relationship as a couple that could culminate in marriage.

The winning couple will be rewarded with a lavish traditional wedding ceremony, a fully furnished home, among other prizes.

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