related Iran's deputy health minister test positive for coronavirus

Iran's deputy health minister test positive for coronavirus

Iran’s deputy health minister, Iraj Harichi, has contracted the deadly coronavirus diseases.

Harichi posted a video on social media on Tuesday acknowledging he had caught the virus and placed himself in isolation.

This is coming a day after the Iranian official appeared feverish at a press conference in which he downplayed the virus spread in the shrine city of Qom and said mass quarantines were unnecessary.

The virus appears to be taking rapid hold in parts of Iran, and images of one of the country’s most senior public health officials appearing sweaty and pale and acknowledging he had contracted the disease has left many Iranians deeply troubled.

In the short video, Hirachi acknowledged that “many may get infected” echoing concerns that have taken root in the rest of the Middle East, which is home to millions of people living in densely packed refugee camps.

“I wanted to tell you that I got corona,” said Harichi. “I had a fever yesterday. The tests came back positive last night. I isolated myself. Just a few moments ago, I was told that the final test came. I’ll start taking medicine. Generally, I feel fine. I just felt a bit tired, I had a fever, and it will drop.

“Be sure with the effort of the medical staff and ministry of health headed by the [health minister] and with your support and the state and military within the coming weeks, we’ll be victorious against this virus.

“We’ll defeat corona. Be assured. I’m saying this deep from my heart. This virus is democratic, and it doesn’t distinguish between poor and rich or statesman and an ordinary citizen.
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“Many might get infected, but we have enough effective medicine, take care of yourselves. Take care of the nurses and doctors who work heroically.”

Iran has become the regional focal point of fears surrounding coronavirus, with number of confirmed cases across the country now 95, while there are 15 confirmed deaths.

Afghanistan, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman also reported their first new coronavirus cases, all in people who had been to Iran.

Meanwhile, Turkey diverted a plane from Tehran, which had been destined for Istanbul, to its capital Ankara, after 17 passengers were reported to have higher than average temperatures.

The death toll from the coronavirus has risen to more than 2,700 worldwide, with the vast majority in mainland China. The total number of global cases stands at over 80,000.

Europe's biggest outbreak is in Italy, where seven people have died and more than 280 have been infected, while Austria and Croatia has confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

World Health Organization officials say it's still too early to declare the novel coronavirus a pandemic — but now is the time to prepare.

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