‘Amotekun’: South-west governors copied our idea, says Ebonyi commissioner

Stanley Emegha, commissioner for internal security and border peace in Ebonyi, says “Amotekun”, the regional security outfit in the south-west, was copied from the state.

Speaking with PUNCH on Monday, Emegha said south-east governors would float their own outfit “at the right time.”

The commissioner said the Ebonyi government has put measures to tackle insecurity in the state.

“What they (south-west governors) have done is that they have just copied what is already in existence in Ebonyi,” he said.

“This kind of security strategy is being put in place and has been made possible by the south-east security consultant, Gen. Obi Umahi (retd). But we have been silent about it because we are waiting to launch at the right time.

“Security as a technical endeavour, and that was why many efforts of governors of the zone in this regard, had not been made public. Security is a very serious thing. No dull person can be a criminal. Those who go into criminality are smart and intelligent persons. So we downplay what we do because we don’t want those we are targeting or fighting to cash in on our strategies.

“This is why we don’t disclose some of the things we put in place, in order not to create room for the criminals to strike. Currently, all the happenings in virtual all the Discos in Abakaliki metropolis, are monitored in our server room. Nobody knew when we mounted those cameras and CCTVs.”

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