related Actress Moyo Lawal wants fans to confirm if her my booty is 100% natural

Actress Moyo Lawal wants fans to confirm if her my booty is 100% natural

Nigerian actress, Moyo Lawal, is basically known more for exposing her body on social media than her movie roles.

The movie star often causes lots of commotion and make heads turn with her seductive curvy body while describing herself as ‘Nollywood bombshell’

And on Wednesday, Moyo took to her Instagram page once more to do what she is known best for. She posted a revealing photo of herself while turning her big backside to the camera with a question to her fans.

She captioned the eye-popping image, "If I told you, my booty is 100% natural ...... ..... Would you believe me??"
We are in an era where many women have gone under the knife to reshape their body - but Moyo's question got a lot of 'Yes" from those who have been monitoring her behind for long.

Back in 2018, Moyo had revealed that she was in search of a husband, but questioned the possibility of getting married without agreeing to have sex with whoever promises to marry her.

The actress had claimed in an Instagram post that she had forgotten what sex feels like. But many of her fans didn’t believe her considering the way she reveals her tempting body which obviously attracts a lot of male admirers for her.

You can peep Moyo Lawal's recent Instagram photos below.

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