related US bank employee arrested after flaunting stolen cash on social media

US bank employee arrested after flaunting stolen cash on social media

A former employee of Wells Fargo & Company, one of the largest banks in the US, has been arrested after allegedly stealing over $88,000 in cash from the vault of a bank in North Carolina.

Arlando M. Henderson is accused of taking the cash from customer deposits on at least 18 occasions throughout 2019 and then rigged the books to try to hide his actions.

He is accused of using the money to pay for personal expenses, including a $20,000 down payment on a 2019 Mercedes-Benz.

The 29 years old, who was arrested in San Diego on December 4, faces several charges, including two counts of financial institution fraud and 19 counts of theft.

The sad thing is Henderson may have gotten away with his loot if it wasn’t for him snitching on himself all over social media posting regular pictures flashing stacks of money.

US Media reports that Henderson regularly posted on social media about his newfound riches, including photos with cash in his hands or all over the floor.

He had recently posted on Instagram of himself in a white Mercedes-Benz that he drove off the lot at a car dealership after putting down $20,000 in all $100 bills.

He also made a Facebook post showing him holding a stack of money and smoking a cigarette with the caption, “I make it look easy but this shyt really a PROCESS.”

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