“This was a huge mistake" - Woman who transitioned to man begins process to be female again

Debbie Karema was born a girl and lived most of her life this way, but at age 44 she transitioned from a woman to a man.

And now at 61, the Hertfordshire, England native is on the verge to return to her original form as a female.

According to BBC, she decided to undergo transitioning into a man to “become accepted in the world” and escape the “traumatised” memories she endured as a girl child.

Debbie claimed that she was sexually abused by her estranged father, now deceased, when she was a teenager.

In pursuant of her objective, she went through a full female-to-male surgical transition which involved phalloplasty, where a penis was constructed from the skin on her forearm.

She also changed her name to Lee even as she took testosterone for 17 years which would aid transformation of her physical appearance.

“I thought I was going to be on a journey to becoming a different person… I’d morph into someone else and leave that traumatised woman completely behind,” she said.

Debbie as a young woman and then after her transition, as Lee
She, however, said she feels like a woman “trapped in an approximation of a male body”, adding that the transition was her “greatest mistake”.

“This was a mistake that should never have happened… how do I go back to being the Debbie that I was?,” she asked.

She said she’s speaking out on the subject to discourage others from undergoing transition.

“It became apparent that transitioning was a big mistake. The session where I realised this was so bad that I had a complete break down and panic attack, because I realised it was a huge mistake,” Daily Mail quoted her to have said.
Debbie on her way back as a woman
At 61, Debbie is now undergoing a detransitioning to return to her original gender as a female after counselling.

It is believed that her case is one of the many incidences of people desiring a change of gender identity through the services of National Health Service (NHS), publicly funded by national healthcare system in England.

A psychotherapist, James Caspian, who has come in contact with several detransitioners, stated that such decision is always informed by the fear of being exposed to risks as a female.

“This whole area of transgender medicine is very under researched,” he said.

“Quite a lot of them seem to have had a very negative experience of being female in a female body – sexual harassment, even abuse.”

"I was what would be considered a pretty gender-nonconforming child," said Thain, now 40.

"And then there was the fact I was attracted to girls… and I just didn't know anybody who was lesbian."

Once in her teens, Thain said the growing discomfort she had felt around her identity had convinced her she was transgender.

At 26, Thain sought help from the NHS and was prescribed testosterone. But after two years, she decided to stop taking the hormones and detransition.

Charlie Evans, 28, also struggled with her gender identity from a young age. At 15, she started to identify as a boy, shaving her head, binding her breasts and using male pronouns.

She never took testosterone and after several years, went back to identifying as a woman.

She has since set up a support network for detransitioners and said she had been contacted by about 300 people, including some who had surgically transitioned.

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