related Jay Z & Kanye West 'reunite' at Diddy’s 50th birthday party after years of beef

Jay Z & Kanye West 'reunite' at Diddy’s 50th birthday party after years of beef

Jay-Z and Kanye West seems to have finally squashed their long-running feud as they were spotted reuniting at Diddy’s 50th birthday party this weekend.

The birthday bash held at Diddy's Holmby Hills mansion in Los Angeles was star studded as it was like a mini hip hop party.

The party was a moment of truce between Jay-Z and Kanye West as the feuding rappers were spotted reuniting at the event.

The rappers’ friendship has been strained in recent years due to clashes over business dealings and Kanye’s upset that Jay Z and Beyonce didn’t attend his wedding to Kim Kardashian in 2014.

But it seems the tension may have simmered as Kanye and Jay Z seemed pretty happy to see each other at Diddy’s birthday bash

Diddy gathered Kanye, Jay Z and Pharrell Williams for a group photo, making for one pretty iconic snap of hip hop legends.


Although Diddy stood in between Kanye and Jay Z for the picture moment, the pair were seen engaging in conversation with each other alone at another time.


Jay-Z & Kanye West 'reunite' at Diddy’s 50th birthday party after years of beef (Photos, Video)

Jay Z, real name Shawn Carter, opened up about his epic fallout with Kanye on his 2017 album 4:44.

He raps on the track Kill Jay Z: ‘You gave him 20 million without blinkin’, He gave you 20 minutes on stage, f**k was he thinkin’? “F**k wrong with everybody?” is what you sayin’ But if everybody’s crazy, you’re the one that’s insane.’

The rapper then addressed their feud in an interview with the New York Times’ T Magazine later that year, and explained: ‘I [talked to] Kanye the other day, just to tell him, like, he’s my brother. I love Kanye. I do.

‘It’s a complicated relationship with us. Kanye came into this business on my label. So I’ve always been like his big brother. And we’re both entertainers.’

He continued: ‘It’s always been like a little underlying competition with your big brother. And we both love and respect each other’s art, too. So it’s like, we both — everyone wants to be the greatest in the world. You know what I’m saying?’

Kanye also refused to bash his big bro when speaking about Jay Z snubbing his wedding in an interview the following year.

The rapper said in an interview: ‘I was hurt about them not coming to the wedding. I understand they were going through some things, but if it’s family, you’re not going to miss a wedding.

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