Police arrest UPS employees involved in drug trafficking

Four United Parcel Service (UPS) employees were arrested in a drug smuggling bust in the United States.

Washington Post reports that the UPS staff helped to import and traffic massive amounts of drugs and counterfeit vaping oils from Mexico during the past decade.

The lucrative operation at times involved moving thousands of pounds of marijuana and narcotics each week from narco-traffickers into the United States to destinations across the country, using standard cardboard boxes that were carefully routed through the private mail carrier’s trucking and delivery systems.

The four UPS employees, two UPS supervisors, two drivers and seven other men, not employed by UPS, have been charged with drug trafficking.

The investigation began in 2017 after police say they discovered evidence of drug trafficking allegedly stemming from UPS employees.

"Because of their positions in UPS, they had knowledge in some of the vulnerabilities in their infrastructure that allowed them to traffic these drugs undetected internally by UPS and externally by law enforcement," police said.

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