Fake suicide bomber shot dead by police after stabbing five people on London Bridge (Video)

A terror suspect wearing a fake suicide vest was shot dead by police on London Bridge after he stabbed five people.

Videos from the scene purported to show bystanders tackling the suspect to the ground, taking his knife and pinning him down before police intervened.

Police told people on top of the suspect to move away, before dragging the last bystander to safety and opening fire. Witnesses said they heard police shouting 'stop moving' twice before shooting at close range.

One of the bystanders was seen holding a knife which appeared to have been taken from the suspect. The suspect lay wounded on the ground, but still moving as officers backed away - clearly fearing they were still in danger.

The incident comes two years after the horrifying terrorist attack on London Bridge in June 2017 which saw three men kill eight people and injure 48 others.

While the episode unfolds this afternoon, hundreds of frightened bystanders look on and begin screaming and running for their lives as shots are fired. 

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