related Glory Osei dragged on Twitter after saying she made more money than Jay-Z selling slim tea

Glory Osei dragged on Twitter after saying she made more money than Jay-Z selling slim tea

Nigerian entrepreneur, Glory Osei, decided to on full Twitter on Monday, a month after she was dragged online for allegedly maltreating her staff.

Osei and her husband Muyiwa Folorunsho made headlines in October after their former employees accused them of fraud and shortchanging their staff.

The former employees  accused the couple of defrauding their clients and business partners, toxic work environment, deducting from their salaries or sacking them over trivial mistakes and more.

Thy claim that they always treat employees poorly and can fire an entire staff of any of their subsidiary on a whim.

The couple are the CEOs of Divergent Enterprise which is the mother company to Landlagos, Shapeyou, 234logistics, Casual Becky, Porkoyum, Porkmoney, True rebel, and Hyberfactory.

Glory had then released statement denying the allegations before disappearing from social media.

However, on Monday the businesswoman resurfaced with a Twitter thread that stretched to No. 182 and still counting.

In one of the thread, she said she made more money selling slim tea than US music mogul, Jay-Z, made selling drugs.
" at our disposal. Jay Z sold drugs, I sold slim tea, I mean, I sold a lot of slim tea. Good chance I made more money than Jay Z did selling drugs. But that was story, and the sad part is, I had always wanted to write a book about it. To help the next person," she wrote.

This particular comment has angered Twitter Users who have started dragging her once more.

See some reactions below.

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