Woman in Pastor Wilson's video 'exposed'

A video emerged yesterday allegedly showing a Texas-based Pastor engaged in some intense x-ratted act with a woman who’s not his wife.

In the video, Pastor David Wilson of the BibleWay Ministries & World Out Reach, Inc., Texas, was clearly engrossed the act that he seems not aware he was being recorded.

The clip, accompanied by the caption “Pastor Wilson out here doing the lords work,” was originally shared on Twitter and has now gone viral across various social media platforms.

The alleged Pastor Wilson tape has been viral for over 24 hours now.

Now it appears the detectives on on social media have done their job and the woman in the viral video has been allegedly identified.

According to user on Twitter, the woman is Corinthia Edwards. See the tweet below:
The screenshot of the Facebook profile appears to match the private profile of the same name on Facebook.
Another person claims she “exposed” him on Facebook, but it’s not clear why she exposed him. Wilson is reportedly married and Edwards is allegedly not his wife.

The video is not safe to view at work and among minors as it is extremely graphic. Click here to view.

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