Twitter Users SLAM others designing logo for Innoson Motors after Farouq was invited

Since a Twitter user, Osuolale Farouq, was invited for a private meeting with Innocent Chukwuma for redesigning Innoson Motor's logo, some opportunist have been attempting to get the same favour.

On Tuesday, Faroug, an undergraduate of University of Ibadan, had taken to Twitter to propose the new designs for the automobile company.

“So I’m proposing a new logo for @innosonvehicles. If this comes across your timeline, please retweet,” he wrote.

Thousands of people retweeted after seeing the amazing and detailed work till it got the attention of the motor company and it chairman.

On Wednesday, the company requested for a private meeting with Farouq.

“Dear @osuolale_farouq, the attention of the Chairman/CEO of @Innosonvehicles has been called upon on your creative re-design of IVM logo. The Chairman is highly impressed and has requested for a meeting with you. Please DM to us your contact details for possible reach. Regards,” it wrote.

And since then, some people have been taken to Twitter to overwhelm the made-in-Nigeria automobile company with their designs and skills.

However, some Nigerians are irked over this antics adopted by these opportunists.

"Oga design for another people, they've chosen someone else, na wa o, so they should drop the guy and choose you, tufia," a Twitter user replied one person who posted his own logo.

“God has done it well for Farouq who designed innoson motors logo. It will solely be unfortunate and selfish of you to keep sending your own logo even if it’s better to the same place. Let mans even enjoy his time & shine. People are something else for real and it’s appalling,” another Twitter user said.

“It’s funny how everyone suddenly loves Innoson SUV immediately Faruq released his design for them while some other people created theirs willing to be noticed as well. They won’t let the boy shine. Someone said “Abeg make Faruq shine. Go meet First bank for rebranding,” another user said.

Below is what some Nigerians had to say:

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