related Onitsha Fire: Female Lawyer in Anambra calls for Governor Willie Obiano's resignation

Onitsha Fire: Female Lawyer in Anambra calls for Governor Willie Obiano's resignation

Ifeyinwa Araka, a lawyer from Anambra State has called for the resignation of Governor Willie Obiano over the manner he handled the fire incident in Onitsha on Wednesday.

There have been outrage on social media following the fuel tanker explosion in Onitsha yesterday that claimed the lives of a mother, her baby and three others at different locations in the area. 

Over 40 buildings and 500 lock- up shops were also said to have been gutted by the fire along the Iweka street market leading to Ochanja and Menax market .

Residents, including old men, women and children in most of the building were also trapped and it took the youths of the commercial town to climb up to three to four- storey buildings to rescue them before the fire, which was fast moving from one building to another caught up with them.

An eye witness said there was no presence of fire service men at the scene, including the ones in the markets in Onitsha and the Local Government.

Commenting on the fire incident, Ifeyinwa Araka, Esq, said that governor Obiano has failed the people of Anambra state and he needs not continue with his tenure.
"The recent fire incident has shown that we have a governor who is sleeping. Anambra state is a state that has always shown the light amongst other states in Nigeria," Araka said.

"We have taken giant steps forward only to be drawn back a thousand years. Governor Willie Obiano needs to resign honorably and let another person take over the reins of government. We have suffered enough." In 2017, a petrol tanker fell at DMGS round about and spilled its contents,causing a huge inferno. The fire also consumed one of my family properties at 106 upper New market road. Gov obiano made promises to us but till date, we have not been compensated. This incident should have made the state better prepared to handle such fire incidences, yet yesterday we had to depend on Delta State to provide their fire trucks. Also in my hometown Onitsha, there has not been any significant project or impact during his administration which is in his 6th year. Tell me, what will Gov Obiano be remembered for in Onitsha? Nothing!. We need to be able to celebrate something significant done by this administration in Onitsha bearing in mind the huge population living in it."
Ifeyinwa Araka, who is a practicing lawyer in Lagos and Anambra State, is the grand daughter of the late Chief Nelson Nwurai Araka ( Ojudor of Onitsha).

She is the daughter of the late Hon Justice Emma Araka (former Chief Judge of old Anambra state).

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