Bobrisky says he now feels ‘menstrual’ pain

Nigerian cross-dresser Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, known as Bobrisky, wants us to believe he now feels menstrual pain.

The menstrual cycle, which is the regular natural change that occurs in the female reproductive system that makes pregnancy possible, may come with pain.

While this biological phenomenon is exclusive to women, the self-acclaimed transgender took to his Instagram page on Tuesday to claim that he “woke up with mentrual pain” - craftily adopting “mentrual” for “menstrual”.

The 28-year-old often referred to as “male Barbie doll,” has continued to pull unprecedented stunts in his quest to be a woman — or a transgender.

He once claimed to have severed his genitals in pursuit of a more feminine appearance.

Some months ago, he also took a critical shot at detractors who refused to acknowledge his feminine status, having continued to refer to him as “bro”.

“I post pictures and some people will tell me ‘You look good, bro.’ Who is your bro? I’m a beautiful girl. When I post and you want to comment, you can say ‘You look beautiful, baby girl or pretty woman’. Don’t come to my post and tell me ‘bro’. Let’s learn to respect ourselves,” he said.

He went on to ask fans to “accept” his new look while speaking to Broadway Africa TV.

The cross-dresser has had a stormy ride recently following strings of backlash from security operatives and prominent figures in the country.

Some weeks back, the Lagos state commissioner of police, Zubairu Muazu, ordered 100 security operatives at venues in the state where he had planned to celebrate his 28th birthday, to prevent a potential “breach of public peace”.

Bobrisky would later lament the loss of over N19 million spent on putting together his birthday following the invasion by police.

In September, Olusegun Runsewe, director-general, National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) had described him as a national disaster who poses a serious hazard to Nigerian youths.

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