Couple Glory Osei & Muyiwa Folorunsho accused of fraud, maltreatment of staff

Popular Nigerian entrepreneurs, Glory Osei and Muyiwa Folorunsho, have been branded the latest "Bonnie and Clyde" after the couple were accused of fraud and maltreatment of staff by their former employees.

The former employees accuses them of defrauding their clients and business partners, toxic work environment, deducting from their salaries or sacking them over trivial mistakes and more.

Thy claim that they always treat employees poorly and can fire an entire staff of any of their subsidiary on a whim.

The couple are the CEOs of Divergent Enterprise which is the mother company to Landlagos, Shapeyou, 234logistics, Casual Becky, Porkoyum, Porkmoney, True rebel, and Hyberfactory.

The allegations followed after Glory called out for application for potential job seekers.

First, see the mind-blowing allegations from the employees.

The couple have become a trending topic on social media following the fraud allegations. And to add salt to injury, Twitter Users are accusing Glory Osei of living a fake life on social media thereby deceiving her followers, especially women.

Apparently, she has been claiming to be a single woman while married for years. They even dragged Blogger Linda Ikeji into the matter.

See some tweets below.

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