The booming Sex Tourism in Gambia that has lifted many young men out of poverty

There is a booming sex tourism in Africa, from Nigeria to Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia - all these countries are peculiar in the sense that it's some of their women that sells their for cash.

But in The Gambia, the business is totally different. Gambia is reputed to have the highest percentage of sex workers, but most of these are male prostitutes who sleep with foreign 'rich' women - especially from Britain.

The booming sex business in Gambia is said have lifted many young men from country out of poverty.
Old retired but horny British woman, mostly pensioners, constantly travel all the way to Gambia every summer for sex.

The women mostly in their sixties and seventies get treated with loads of raw sex and orgasm.

Those women in turn pay for the sex by giving cash to the energetic young men who are mostly unemployed and broke.
The meeting point are mostly in Gambian fine beaches where the guys congregate during to hunt or be hunted by these horny women.

According to a recent data, 80% of the foreign tourists that travel to Gambia every summer travel to go and have sex with these young men who are fit and very good in bed and this has contributed to the GDP and economic growth of the poor tiny West African Country.

These workers are hired for long stretches of time, offering companionship and sex to their clients.
These agreements have the sex worker at the mercy of the customer for the duration of their union, and the workers unable to share their situation with their family or friends for fear of  being ostracized in the majority Muslim country.

Prostitution is illegal in The Gambia, but poverty often leads many young men and women to try and make a living as so-called "bumsters".
Their goal of The Gambian bumsters is not only to get money from these ladies, some use their sexual prowess to get to England.

The arrangement is purely transactional. The old women get treated like a Queen and having good sex and the young men get money to survive and hopefully a visa
Some of the men also end up getting married to the British grannies and head to the UK with her.

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