Teenager girl sets herself on fire after parents refused her to marry okada rider

A teenager in Zamfara state, Aisha Aminu, poured petrol on her body and lit herself with matches after her parents refused her to marry the man she love.

Aisha told BBC Pidgin that the reason she took the decision was because she can't leave without her fiancée and it is better she kill herself than to become prostitute.

Aisha said her lover is an Okada rider and from day one he did not tell her that he doesn't have money to marry her.

"After I heard that he has told my parents that he doesn't have money and my parents decided to stop the relationship, I just decided that the best thing is to kill myself so that I can rest."

Aisha's father, Aminu Mohammed told BBC that the reason refused her to marry the guy is because he doesn't have money to marry their daughter.

"As the man don't have money then we told him to stop coming to visit Aisha again, so that she can wait for somebody that's ready to marry."

"We never knew she love him that much, because we were shocked to see her on fire as many neighbours joined hands to quench the fire.

"We asked her why she took this kind of decision and she she said she love the man too much and do not want to a become a prostitute that's she decide to burn her self."

Aisha suffered burns on her hands, legs, back and stomach and she is receiving treatment for now.

She said her fiancée has not come to check on her since the incident.

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