related Khafi speaks on Tacha’s body odour saga, the animosity in the BBNaija house

Khafi speaks on Tacha’s body odour saga, the animosity in the BBNaija house

Evicted Big Brother Naija housemate, Khafi, has spoken up about the body odour saga involving fellow housemate, Tacha.

Tacha's hygiene has come under scrutiny as housemates keep complaining about how she smells

The issue had steered up lots of reactions on social media, especially after another housemate, Mike, spoke about it recently in the BBNaija house.

Mike held nothing back when he stated in the presence of everyone that Tacha's odour is unpleasant.

In the dressing room after the pure bliss challenge, Mike had told Khafi to inform her friend, Tacha, to apply deodorant

He said, “Khafi tell your friend (Tacha) to top up ( apply roll-on),I said something to her but l don’t think she took my word.

“If anyone is musky in the house we should tell her. It shouldn’t be a thing.”

Omashola, however, added that the odour was strong because she uses garlic to cook.

However, in a recent interview, Khafi, who is currently doing media rounds, stated that she stayed with Tacha in the head of house room for a week and didn't notice any offensive smell.

Khafi's expressed disappointment at the way Mike handled the case, saying it was not nice.

According to her, she could not defend Tacha because Mike said it in front of other housemates.

She said, ”What happened is that Mike had already spoken to Tacha about the issue but he did not know if Tacha listened to him, so he told me about it.

”I and Tacha already had a conversation about what Mike said but I did not have the capacity to say that to him there, because he said it in front of everyone, and that was where it pained me.’

”Although, people have their off days, I did not have any issue with Tacha even in the HOH room.”

While still in the house, Khafi had called out Mike on his utterance and expressed disappointment that he broadcasted such thing about Tacha to the other housemates instead of speaking to her privately.

Khafi also spoke on her relationship with Gedoni, the animosity in the house towards the end, her being referred to as two-faced, her beef with Seyi, her hugs for Omashola, her plans for the future, whether or not she's moving to Lagos.

See video of Khafi talking about Tacha.

Watch her full interview below.

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