Vabbing: - Read how Women use their vaginal fluids as perfume to attract Men

I first learnt about the word - Vabbing- on midnight programme, Pillow Talk on Wazobia FM.

The anchor, Uzo, explained vabbing as when a woman stick her finger inside her vagina and brings out the secretion / juice / fluids and use it as perfume / cream round her ears, neck and face. The sole purpose is to attract advances from men -mainly for sex.
Uzo said the act is new and from the responses from listeners, majority of the people never heard of it.

While many people, including me, expressed their shock at the practice, especially for what its done for, others categorized it as juju (charm). Some others think a woman who 'vabs' may have a funny smell.

Then I decided to research about it and here is what I found.

The practice, dubbed 'vabbing,' short for vaginal dabbing, involves wearing one's own vaginal fluids on the neck, chest, or wrists as a way to spread pheromones and entice men.

Vabbing -- vaginal dabbing

The concept of using pheromones to attract the opposite sex is a centuries-old ritual, but the world vabbing recently founds it way into Urban Dictionary after the practice started gaining traction among sexperts.

An American sexologist, Shan Boodram, back in August 2019, admitted that she uses her vaginal fluids as a sort of perfume in a bid to attract the opposite sex. 

The sex guru shared a snippet of her new book, The Game of Desire, in which she explains how it works, and admits that she feels like 'an enchanted goddess' whenever she does it.

She said while it has had mixed results for her in terms of attracting men, it always makes her feel great.
Shan Boodram

In one of her YouTube series, the sex educator pointed out that the term 'pheromone' is derived from the Greek words pherein, meaning 'to transfer,' and hormon, meaning 'to excite.' Thus, pheromones transfer excitement. 

'Pheromones are chemical molecules released to trigger hormonal changes and elicit behavioral responses from others,' she said. 'These signaling molecules are contained in body fluids such as genital secretions.'

Shan noted that in the 19th century, men would take their handkerchiefs and put them under their armpits for an entire day so the fabric would 'become drenched in their natural smell.'

'Throughout the day, if they saw someone they fancied, they would take that handkerchief, soaked in their pheromones, and lightly dust someone or wipe the sweat off their face,' Shan said.

'By doing that, they would be transferring their pheromones to them, transferring that excitement and making that person drawn to them through their raw human scent.'

Using that premise, Shan said she had been using her own bodily fluids as perfume for the past 10 years, researching as to whether it really draws others in.

The Los Angeles-based sexologist was quick to also dispel the belief that vabbing is an unhygienic, or that a vagina's natural scent is 'gross' or 'repulsive.'

In her book, she also detailed an experiment wherein four women 'struggling to make the kind of connections they were proud of' went to Soho House to test out vabbing for themselves. 

'For the first half of the night, the women will strike up casual conversations. Then, after successfully connecting with two strangers, the group will head to the bathroom to apply their vaginal fluid to their necks, chests, and wrists,' Shan explained.

'They will then circulate the bar a second time and spark new conversations while noting if there is any visible difference between their interactions.'

In her own experience, Shan said she has gotten mixed results from vabbing — sometimes great and sometimes nothing at all.

She said it's all about getting a 'little extra boost of confidence,' in a similar vein to a woman spritzing herself with an uplifting perfume or body spray.

Shan also noted that it simply may not be some people's 'cup of tea' to try it out.

In the excerpt, one woman said she had noticed people 'leaning extra close' but noted that could have been due to the noise in the bar.

During the process, another guinea pig was inspired by her new found confidence to go see a guy she was interested in.

In conclusion, Shan said that every time she uses the technique she personally feels like 'an enchanted goddess'.

'Vaginal fluids, especially around ovulation, but really any time you want to feel an extra boost of confidence, can serve as a love potion,' reads the book excerpt.

'Regardless of if vaginal pheromones truly make a person irresistible or not, the fact that you think it does, will cause you to act in a bolder, more confident manner.'

'I am certain that every single time I employ it, it makes me feel like an enchanted goddess with a delicious secret,' she said.


Now, back to the Pillow Talk on Wazobia FM, a Nigerian lady actually called in on the programme and said she has tried vabbing before and it worked. She said she was pleasantly surprised with the immediate result.

So over to you ladies.  Are going to try vabbing before your next outing?

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