This grabbing & sucking of boobs in Big Brother UK is causing Twitter meltdown (X-RATED Photos!)

The Big Brother UK 2016 is has turned to a soft-porn house and the internet is not smiling about it.

Housemates, 21 year old model, Marco Pierre White Jr and 30 year old Laura Carter are the actors this time.

The two first engaged in a kissing, make out session before Marco lifted Laura's top and began to suck her the shock of some viewers. 

Marco started out by caressing and sucking Laura's breasts, before going to the shower with her, then later at night crept into her bed to have sex with her.
Marco is engaged but says his fiancee gave him a pass to cheat in the House. But when his Fiancé, Kim Melville-Smith heard about the news, she revealed on Twitter that although she doesn't watch BB, her hearing of the sex news is the 'worst thing ever'.

Some Big Brother UK viewers took to Twitter to express their disapproval and disgust after the reality TV show televised sex session.

See more photos and some reactions below..

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